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Registration for the McFarlane Tournament is on a pre-paid basis. All teams are required to submit their team line-ups and hotel requirements, and acquit the fees prior to March 26.

Download your Bowler Package and follow the instructions

If you have questions, please send an email to deb.jones@sympatico.ca.

Team registrations

Team captains are expected to register their teams. New players looking for a team should register themselves and indicate if they are looking for placement on a team. It is important that all players be registered.

Team captains must confirm:

  • The gender of each player on their team
  • If players are retired
  • If players fall under the Non-Bell Exception rule
  • If there are guests
  • Provide an email address and phone number for each team member

New players

We always welcome new players and will do our best to find a team for you. Please ensure you provide your email address and phone number.